• Allen Bonde. Digital Marketer and Business Builder, Advisor and Speaker

    Allen is a digital marketer, business builder, and advisor to start-ups. He's given keynote talks on 4 continents, and is credited with sparking the "small data" movement through his top-ranked blog. Earlier in his career, he was a researcher in AI and machine learning and received a patent for some of his work. Over the past 7 years, he co-founded and launched Offerpop (now Wyng), repositioned and helped to sell BI and embedded analytics pioneer Actuate to OpenText, and helped Placester through a period of explosive growth, where he was named a "50 On Fire" Finalist for Marketing & Advertising. His passion? Helping:


    Leaders turn their business ideas into actionable market strategies


    Marketers create great content, campaigns, and events that leverage social and rich media


    Buyers and sellers gain better market insights through smart apps and big (and small) data, that result in offers, products, and experiences consumers will LOVE


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  • Creating actionable strategies.

    See the big picture

    Through his 20+ year career as a marketer and business builder, Allen has helped organizations navigate the digital transformation, and was an early proponent of disruptive trends like e-commerce (he studied online commerce at McKinsey in 2001), Web self-service (he launched the first self-service conference in 2005) and the emerging 'small data' movement. He helps senior marketers leverage the full potential of online, social, and mobile channels, and has orchestrated high-impact go-to-market, customer loyalty, and social media programs for companies like Actuate, Bank of America, Jive, KANA, O2, Philips, SAP, Spiceworks, and Xerox. These days he loves helping early-stage ventures, especially around their goal setting, product positioning, market intelligence, and channel development.

    "Allen is easily one of the smartest guys in the space...I can't recommend him highly enough." - Dave Hersh, Founder, Jive Software

  • Amplify your stories!

    Create winning campaigns

    Storytelling and thought leadership - amplified by social and rich media - are the keys to killer campaigns. As an engineer and data scientist turned CMO, Allen helps product teams frame their unique selling proposition via storyboards and playbooks, and is passionate about the value of customer feedback and market insight in great messaging. He is also a recognized authority on how online advertising, inbound marketing and CRM fit into the mix.


    Allen also has been a contributor to 1to1 Media, CRM Magazine,  DM News, Forbes, and ZDNet, and has been featured on MSNBC, CNBC, and FOX, as well as 150 other publications around the globe.

  • Conference Host and Speaker

    Bring your event to life

    A speaker and host of several industry events, Allen has given talks across the globe, and is available to moderate/keynote large user conferences, Webcasts or small group workshops. Allen has also chaired and co-hosted the Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) as well as the Data Driven Summit, an event series he managed at Actuate.

    "Allen is an exceptional conference host and moderator, with deep industry knowledge, and talent for sparking engaging discussions." - Eric Kim, Founder and CEO, Twylah

  • Things he's working on.

    Small Data Group

    Small Data Group offers insightful perspectives, research, actionable frameworks and consulting services for organizations looking to understand both the history and power of data-driven 'smart' applications - especially when applied to everyday work.  

    Wyng (now Offerpop)

    As Offerpop's first CMO, Allen built the company's core marketing capabilities, directed its first product launches, and supported early clients such as Hotels.com, Skype and Unilever.  Today he remains an investor.

    "Allen is a thoughtful, smart leader whom I have really enjoyed working with." 

    - Dorie Clark, HBR and Forbes contributor, and author of Reinventing You

    Designed Serendipity: the book

    Designed Serendipity is a branding framework, philosophy and book project in collaboration with Loie Maxwell, former Starbucks, Target & CVS creative executive and currently at Cartoon Network. 

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